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Initial Consultation & Fitness Assessment
The initial consultation takes place in order for the trainer and the client(s) to meet in person before any exercise programs are started. Goals will be discussed, health history will be noted, and this gives me an opportunity to see the space available for the workouts.
During the initial consultation, a fitness assessment will also take place. The purpose of the assessment is to record baseline fitness measurements and to provide me with guidelines when developing personalized programs. The fitness assessment consists of the following:
      • Body composition analysis
      • Blood pressure reading
      • Measurements of resting and exercise heart rates
      • Flexibility assessments
      • Assessments of muscular strength & muscular endurance
One-to-One Training
One-to-one sessions are available for those who want to workout out solo with a trainer. These sessions are generally preferred since all of my attention is devoted solely to the one client.

Both 30-minute and 1-hour sessions are offered. Both session types follow similar formats: warm-up/stretching, workout, core exercises, cool-down. The 30-minut e sessions tend to be favored more by those who are looking for a supplement to their independent cardio routines, by parents who would like to sign their kids up for training sessions, and by elderly clients.

Video Sessions
Using Google+ Hangouts or Skype, video sessions enable you to take personal training sessions with you wherever you are. Gone are the days when travel, distance, and foul weather prevent training sessions from taking place. It's easy to setup your device (computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.), and I will happily assist you with the setup process. Currently, only 30-minute video sessions are offered.

Group Sessions (2 or more clients)
Prefer to workout with a friend or family member? Hour-long group sessions are available for those who prefer having a workout partner during training sessions. These sessions are great for those who enjoy taking their workouts outside to the park or local track.

Group sessions are only offered as single sessions. There are no available packages for group sessions. This is primarily due to potential scheduling issues with multiple clients. Check here to see the rates for group training sessions.

Youth Fitness
Frameworks also offers specialized youth fitness training for children eight years old and up. These fun programs are great for youth that participate in sports or for those who simply want to live more active lifestyles outside of school.
Older Adults
As our bodies age, it is important that we stay physically active to help prevent injury. Programs for those over the age of 55 generally focus on strengthening bones through resistance training, improving balance, and building stamina. It's never too late to start exercising!
No equipment in the house or workplace? No problem. I will provide all of the necessary exercise equipment for each session. Available equipment includes:
Free Weights            • Body Bars
 Jump Ropes              • Resistance Bands
 Speed Ladder           • Frisbees
 Medicine Balls           • Balance Pods
 Stretching Mat         • Stability Ball 
 Push-up Bars            • Boxing Gear
Massage balls