Frameworks Home Fitness - In-Home Personal Training
• Training Benefits •
Strength/Resistance Training
The ideal option for toning and building muscle. Resistance training enhances the overall strength of muscles, bones, and connective tissue. Developing muscle also boosts your  metabolism, which involves the body's ability to burn calories at rest.
Dumbbells, body bars, and resistance tubing can all be used as equipment for strength training exercises. Of course your own body weight (the most important weight of all) can be used as well.
Cardiovascular Training
Cardiovascular exercise (commonly referred to simply as "cardio") is an effective means for burning calories, improving heart function, decreasing blood pressure, and much more.
If you do not own a treadmill, elliptical machine, or exercise bike, there are still many other options for cardiovascular exercise. Jump ropes, step boxes, and even your own flight of stairs may be used during workouts for cardio training. If the weather permits, walking or jogging outdoors are also great options.
Flexibility Training
Maintaining good flexibility through stretching exercises has many health benefits. Some of these benefits include reduced risk of injury, improved range of motion around joints, improved blood circulation throughout the muscles and body, and the release of tension within the muscles.
Frameworks sessions include stretching exercises both before and after each workout. If necessary, I'll bring an exercise mat to each session for added comfort to floor exercises and stretches.
Core/Stability Training
Strengthening the core muscles (the abdominals and lower back) is essential for maintaining good posture and balance. Each training session incorporates some form of core/stability exercise (usually toward the end of the session).
Stability balls, medicine balls, balance pods, and your own body weight all provide great options for challenging core and stability exercises.
Benefits of In-Home Training

  • Privacy: Feel secure while working out in the comfort of your home. In-home training enables you to avoid sweaty equipment, crowded locker rooms, and the unsettling feeling that other gym members may be watching you as you work out.

  • Convenience: Since your house is the gym, in-home personal training saves you the time and the hassle of having to travel elsewhere to exercise.

  • Motivation: Many people find exercise to be a tedious chore, and therefore avoid it altogether. Frameworks training sessions are designed to provide dynamic, invigorating workouts and to help motivate you by making exercise both challenging and fun.

  • Attention: During one-to-one in-home sessions, the trainer's attention is focused solely on you. There are no distractions as there often are in a gym setting such as interruptions by other trainers or small talk with other clients and gym members.

  • Independence: In-home personal training teaches you how to exercise without having to be dependent on a gym's facilities. Whether you own exercise equipment or not, learning how to use what is available to you is a key benefit of in-home training.
Training for a Healthier Lifestyle
• Increase self-esteem  
• Boost energy
• Lose weight  
• Build a more efficient body
• Reduce stress     
• Promote a healthy immune system
• Tone muscle    
• Promote better sleep